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planet driven, people led

We’re redefining takeout for the health of the earth. Our reusable containers are made for the environment and food lovers.
Friendlier founders, Jacquie and Kayli, happily eat their takeout meals in reusable containers
Jacquie Hutchings sits with her takeout meal in a Friendlier reusable container

“Friendlier was founded with the vision of eliminating single-use packaging. We dream of a world where there is no waste and all resources are used to their fullest value. ”

Jacquie Hutchings,



two friends, united by a purpose

we met

After meeting before their first-ever lecture at the University of Waterloo, they became inseparable through late-night study sessions, lab experiments gone wrong, and dreaming up crazy ideas to problems they saw in their everyday lives.

a new perspective

When the opportunity to study abroad came up in their third year, they jumped at the chance to learn from a new perspective and traveled to Sweden. A culture focused on minimalism and environmental sustainability fueled their fire to live more purposeful lives.

a friendlier day

When graduation came along and it was time to set new goals, they decided they couldn’t live and work in a world where the climate crisis was not a priority. Friendlier was founded because Kayli and Jacquie felt it was time to be Friendlier to our planet.

today and the future

Friendlier has grown to over 200 locations across Ontario, helping big and small businesses become more sustainable. With ambitious plans to expand, we’re on track to becoming Canada’s leading reuse company.


the friendlier family

Kayli Dale

CEO, Co-Founder
Forbes 30 Under 30, 2023

Bill Brunson

VP of Sales

Mark Unuakhalu

Head of Operations

Rick Kowch

Account Executive (Ontario)

Nicolette Tsafantakis

Marketing Manager

Jacquie Hutchings

CRO, Co-Founder
Forbes 30 Under 30, 2023

Deidre Pipher

VP of People & Culture

Michael Brown

Expansion Manager (West)

Hicham Azri

Account Executive (Ottawa & Quebec)

Katherine Scala

HR Associate

Andrew Pierce

VP of Product & Engineering

Gayle Asselstine

VP of Finance

Michelle Martin-Donaldson

Customer Success Lead

Duncan Andrews

Account Executive (West)

Ian Cross

Lead Developer

we’re on a mission to simplify the switch from single-use to reusable packaging

We’re here to make sustainability affordable, convenient, and super easy.


empower people to be the best version of themselves through knowledge


challenge the status quo and defy expectations to create sustainable solutions

be transparent

be transparent with our employees and the community every step of the way


unite people with the common goal of being Friendlier to our planet

the single-use problem

Takeout meals commonly come in disposable packaging that are thrown out after one use.  They end up in landfills or scattered throughout ecosystems, where they take an indefinite amount of time to break down. 

Plastic cups and packaging litter scattered on a beach
Full trash bin against a concrete wall


Recyclable containers are often not recycled. Contrary to popular belief, not all containers with a recycle symbol are recyclable. They simply indicate the type of material. Even materials designed to be recycled, often can't be recycled because they're soiled with food. Besides that, recycling involves energy and new resources that's not ideal for the environment.

Compostable packaging, like plant-fiber containers or plastic made of vegetables, are often advertised as an

eco-friendly miracle when it couldn't be more misleading. Most municipal compost facilities don't accept this type of packaging, so it ends up in the trash. These materials degrade timely under specific conditions, not buried under heaps of waste.

our sustainable solution

Our reusable food containers and centralized reuse system keep resources in circulation longer, reducing waste in the landfills and making the most out of every resource harvested.

We make it simple to stop the patterns that are harmful to our environment and eliminate sources of waste throughout our economic chains. 

Blue rectangular Friendlier containers lined up
The lid of a Friendlier container collection bin

together, we can make a difference

eliminate waste and pollution

Phasing out single-use products and closing the loop in our economy means less plastic ends up in landfills.

create a supportive community

A sharing economy creates a sense of community to people who care about the environment and love food.

regenerate nature

We can consume without exhausting our planet and bring natural systems back to balance.


our impact


humans' lifetime supply of drinking water preserved

mature trees' work of GHG prevented

9 422

14 738

sea turtles saved from death-by-plastic

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