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Friendlier and Scotiabank thank you!

To all Friendlier users at Scotiabank:

Reducing waste is one of many environmental objectives in Scotiabank’s ESG strategy. In July 2022, Scotiabank launched a pilot partnership with Friendlier to replace disposable food containers with their reusable food-safe BPA-free containers. 

We are aware there have been gaps with users scanning containers and returning them to Friendlier bins, and unfortunately those returns not making it back to Friendlier for reuse. We have been working with our partners involved to solve the issue and are confident we are at a positive turning point to see our returns rates soar!

You may have noticed some changes at your cafeteria and dining areas on site. We are sharing new videos and posters to adjust and realign with the Friendlier program as we continue making Scotiabank sustainable!

So how far have we come in 22 months?


Questions?If you are awaiting any outstanding returns to be confirmed on your Friendlier account, please reach out to or 1-844-blue-cru (258-3257) for support.  

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