We at A Friendlier Company are passionate about creating a sustainable future and believe that we need to take immediate action in reducing our single-use plastic waste. Our mission is to help eliminate single-use plastic waste, starting with disposable food packaging.



Meet the Team

Jacquie Hutchings 

BASc. Chemical Engineering

University of Waterloo 

"My passion for the environment stems from my love of adventure. I want to continue to experience the earth's beauty and to share it with future generations. I believe that if we are friendlier to our planet, it will be friendlier to us too."

Kayli Dale 


BASc. Chemical Engineering

University of Waterloo 

"I am very passionate about the environment and education about climate change. I believe that generating awareness about our effects on the planet is the best method to reduce our environmental impact. My hope is that Canada will become a leader in sustainability." 


Plastic Facts

In Canada, only 9% of plastic is recycled


1 worth of dump truck of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute.  

25% of plastic globally is burned. This creates toxic chemicals. 

Canada reports that $8 billion dollars worth of valuable plastic resources ends up in landfills each year. 

The effects of this pollution affects everything from fisheries and agriculture, to tourism, and biodiversity.


By choosing to reuse plastics, you are extending the lifetime of plastics. This means less waste in our communities, less emission in our air, and less plastic in our oceans. 

A Friendlier Company is making reuse easy. Join us in our goal to eliminate single use plastic waste.

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