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August 22, 2023

The best sources for environmental news in Canada


Michelle Lee

Being friendlier to the planet starts with staying in the loop on the latest eco-developments. That's why we've curated a list of the best Canadian sources for environmental news. From the ongoing climate crises to innovative solutions, these reliable news outlets will keep you informed on environmental topics around Canada and the world: 

The Narwhal website

1. The Narwhal

Sometimes, environmental issues are just…messy. That’s where The Narwhal comes in. With a mantra to “tell it like it is,” their comprehensive articles empower readers with the knowledge needed to understand complex problems and challenges. You can expect in-depth explainers that delve into a wide range of environmental topics affecting Canadian communities, including climate change, natural resource management, Indigenous rights, wildlife conservation, and environmental policy. If you’re not big on words, they also have some elaborate photo essays that will give you a thousand-words-worth of knowledge without the heavy reading. A huge bonus? There’s no ads and no subscription is required.

Canada's National Observer website

2. Canada’s National Observer

In a fight against climate change, CNO uses journalism as their weapon of choice. Their articles investigate crucial climate issues across Canada, while exploring emerging solutions to inspire action. They also delve into government policies, clean energy, activism, expert opinions, conservation efforts, and more. If you’re tired of reading, you have the option of listening to their articles to give your eyes a much needed break. 

Corporate Knights website

3. Corporate Knights

At the intersection of business, nature, and society, Corporate Knights covers subjects like renewable energy, ethical investing, social equity, and sustainable leadership. Their articles are sure to capture your attention, with some peculiar topics including “We asked ChatGPT, who's the bigger monster, you or climate change?” and one of our favourites, “How restaurants can turbo charge Canada's war on plastic pollution.” 

Happy Eco News website

4. Happy Eco News

If negative news is getting you down, maybe Happy Eco News can help. Based in Vancouver, they are a small, but refreshing digital platform dedicated to celebrating our planet and sharing the positive progress being made in sustainability. From showcasing global successes and game changing discoveries, to sharing ways anybody can take action, they remind us that it’s not too late to reverse the damage on Earth. Change your perspective and get your daily dose of hope.

CBC Climate and Environment website

5. CBC News

You’re probably pretty familiar with CBC already, but you might not know that they have a fairly comprehensive climate and environmental news section online. It covers various environmental topics, including climate change, biodiversity, natural resources, and environmental policies. It doesn’t end there, though. They have a great selection of daily articles, explainer videos, and a weekly “What on Earth” newsletter.

CTV News Climate and Environment website

6. CTV News

Get your fill of climate updates during your daily news routine. CTV reports on the most recent environmental news, especially on issues relating to natural disasters, species endangerment, and future climate trends. Track the planet’s environmental progress with their stories, videos, and interactive features, including a live carbon dioxide tracker.

Le Devoir Environnement website

7. Le Devoir (fr)

For all the French-speakers out there, Le Devoir is a long-running newspaper (since 1910!) based in Montreal that brings a wide mix of stories to the public. From politics to culture, the environment, and beyond, they've got it all covered. Their environment section highlights biodiversity, land conservation, ecological issues, and climate policies within Quebec, Canada, and worldwide.

The Tyee Website

8. The Tyee

The Tyee (pronounced Tie-yee) is a non-profit news magazine that explores topics relating to sustainability, justice, government responsibility, and more. If you’re based in BC, this might just become your go-to source for news about local politics, arts, culture, and of course, the environment. If you’re not from BC, you can find some more general, but equally great, Canadian stories. Reading not your thing? You can listen to their articles instead!

Watershed Sentinel website

9. Watershed Sentinel

With growing environmental movements in BC, Watershed Sentinel has become a valuable source of news for climate justice advocates. If you want to read local, in-depth, and unique stories that you just can’t find at big publishers, you’ve found your match. Discover the rich history of ecosystems and gain a new understanding of pressing issues relating to climate change, oil projects, GMOs, conservation efforts, fish farming, Indigenous rights, and more. 

The Globe and Mail website

10. The Globe and Mail

While not exactly known for their environmental news, The Globe and Mail still provides up-to-date, reliable insights into local and global climate crises and sustainability efforts. Climate change, natural disasters, energy demand, and environmental policies are some topics you can find in their environment section.

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